Chemical manufacturing waste and hazardous waste

Efficient use of raw materials in chemical manufacturing

Your chemical business can reduce the overall amount of waste you handle by improving how you select and store raw materials and substances. By carefully selecting your raw materials, you can reduce your environmental impact and your costs.

Manage raw materials in chemical manufacturing

Monitor your use of raw materials so you can rationalise the number of suppliers you have and the raw materials you use and keep in in stock. This should:

  • reduce the number of incompatible wastes
  • simplify storage and collection arrangements for hazardous wastes
  • lower the risk of raw materials becoming out of specification or out of date
  • cut the amount of packaging classed as hazardous waste

Work with your supply chain to improve efficiency and save money. For example, ask your supplier to deliver raw materials in containers that you can return to them or send to a specialist recycler - see how to reduce the environmental impact of your supply chain.

Set up centralised raw material and waste control areas and make certain members of staff responsible for stock and waste management. You should sort and separate hazardous wastes in a defined area for collection by a specialist contractor - see how to separate and manage hazardous waste from chemical manufacturing.

Substitute hazardous raw materials with less hazardous alternatives and look at changing your manufacturing processes to reduce the amount of hazardous waste you produce - seeĀ using green chemistry in chemical manufacturing.

Purchase raw materials in bulk to use fewer containers and reduce residual waste.