Electric vehicles for business



Electric vehicles offer an increasingly practical option for business transport with low running costs. Electric vehicles - also known as ecars - are vehicles which are powered exclusively by electricity, removing the need for fossil fuels. Electric vehicles offer an alternative with a cheap and secure power source.

The Northern Ireland government has already provided over 300 charging points in almost 200 locations across the country to support the uptake of electric vehicles. Many businesses are taking their first steps into investing in electric vehicles and charging points around their premises. There are clear environmental benefits to reducing petrol and diesel consumption and electric vehicles may be a good fit with your business ethos.

This guide will help you to decide if switching to electric vehicles can work for your business. It will explain the advantages for businesses of investing in electric vehicles and some financial incentives which are available to offset vehicle purchase costs and to installation of private charging infrastructure. It will also take you through some of the practical concerns which businesses may have in operating an electric car or van.