Using and submitting Supplementary Declarations

Electronic Intrastat declarations


This page explains the benefits to the trader of completing Intrastat declarations online. It describes the different ways you can submit forms online and which electronic form to choose so you can find the most efficient way to make your declarations.

You or your agent can send your Intrastat Supplementary Declarations (SDs) electronically rather than filling out a form and posting it. This option offers a number of benefits:

  • you can fill in and send data as frequently as you like
  • once your submission is complete and sent off electronically, you receive a reference number
  • you will be able to look at previous SDs you have sent - this enables you to check codes to use in future declarations

There are two methods of submitting Intrastat SDs electronically.

Internet submission

This method is suitable for agents, traders and individual branches of larger businesses that send data independently from their head office. You need to register for a username and password. You can complete the forms either online or offline, and submit as many SDs as you like each month. Find out about internet submission of Intrastat SDs - Intrastat - technology and technicalities.

There are two types of online form:

  • arrival SD, for accepting goods into the UK
  • dispatch SD, for sending goods elsewhere in the European Union

You can submit a file offline using a CSV file that is created using HMRC's ready-to-use Excel spreadsheet which users can save as a CSV file and upload through the internet application.

Electronic Data Interchange submission

You can also send the required information as an attachment to an email. This is called an Electronic Data Interchange (EDI). Read more about Intrastat Electronic Submissions.