Locate your business in the UK

Employment in the UK

Recruiting staff is a key element in locating your business in Northern Ireland. How you approach recruitment will depend on your business needs and how you see them developing.

You can recruit:

  • permanent employees - full time or part time
  • fixed-term contract employees
  • temporary staff
  • freelancers, consultants and contractors
  • zero-hours contractors

Read more about recruiting staff.

Contracts of employment

A contract of employment comes into existence as soon as someone accepts your job offer.

The terms of contract can be verbal, written, implied or a mixture of all three. Terms can be found in the original job adverts, letters and agreements as well as in your staff rules and handbook.

A verbal contract imposes the same obligations on you as a written one. Also, certain rules apply if you wish to change an employee's existing contract. Read more about the employment contract.

Minimum wage

Nearly all workers in the UK are eligible to receive the national minimum wage (NMW). View specific national minimum wage rates.

Because of changes to how sponsored overseas workers obtain permission to enter the country under the new points-based system, all employees of UK-based businesses must be paid at least the NMW. This applies whether they are paid overseas or in the UK.

Working time

The majority of workers are not allowed to work more than the maximum hours set down by the law. You need to actively manage your workers' hours and keep accurate records. Read more about hours, rest breaks and the working week.