End-use relief

End-use duty relief - principles and practices


End-use duty relief is available on certain goods imported into the European Union that are to be processed or put to a specific use. To be eligible for end-use relief, products must meet defined criteria and be identified in the Tariff. End use goods include:

  • shipwork goods
  • aircraft and parts
  • hydrocarbon oil
  • marine propulsion engines
  • military equipment
  • fish
  • cheese
  • casein (used in the cheese industry)

If you import such goods you'll be able to claim this relief if:

  • you are authorised by HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC)
  • your goods are eligible for end use
  • you put your goods to a prescribed use within a certain time

End-use duty relief means you pay either a reduced rate of import duty or none at all. However, it doesn't remove the obligation to pay any other importation charges to which your goods may be liable, including:

  • VAT
  • excise duty
  • anti-dumping duty

Getting authorisation for end-use relief

There are different types of authorisation available, depending on the size, frequency and nature of your business operation.

Goods which qualify for end-use relief

You'll need to consult the Integrated Tariff of the United Kingdom (the Tariff) to find out if the goods you're importing qualify for end-use duty relief. The footnotes in the Tariff will tell you if your goods are eligible.

Claiming end-use relief on imports

At the time of importation you'll usually need to declare your goods by completing form C88, the Single Administrative Document (SAD). If you're claiming end-use duty relief you must supply:

  • a description of your goods
  • a preference code
  • a customs procedure code
  • your end-use authorisation number

You'll find guidance on how to fill out the SAD in volume 3, part 3 of the Tariff.

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If you're importing goods by post make sure the package is marked with your end-use authorisation number, your VAT number and commodity code (with the wording "goods eligible for end-use relief under commodity code..."). For shipwork goods you should replace the code with "goods eligible for nil rate of duty under shipwork end-use provisions". You can find out more about marking postal imports in section 3.10 when you read Public Notice 3001.

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