Undertakings for OIELs and SIELs

End User Certificate for chemicals in Schedule 3 (CWC)

When is this certificate required?

An End User Certificate (EUC) is required when applying for a Standard Individual Export Licence (SIEL) to export chemicals listed in Schedule 3 of the Chemical Weapons Convention (CWC) to any country that has not ratified the convention (states not party).

The EUC form is part of the supporting documentation for End-Use Control purposes which needs to be provided when submitting an export licence application for such items via SPIRE to the ECJU. Read more aboutĀ End-Use Controls.

A list of countries that have ratified the CWC is available from the UK CWC National Authority (NCLU) on Tel 0300 068 5939. You can also find a list of countries in the CWC.

When is this Undertaking NOT required?

You should not obtain either this EUC, an End-User Undertaking (EUU) or the Stockist Undertaking (SU) if the goods are for export to chemicals listed in Schedule 2 of the Chemical Weapons Convention and you want to export them to States Not Party to the Convention. Under the CWC, Schedule 2 chemicals are prohibited from being transferred to countries that have not ratified the Convention.

If this applies to you, you can obtain guidance from the ECJU Helpline on Tel 020 7215 4459.

Who should complete the EUC?

The end-user should be advised to use this EUC format for Schedule 3 chemicals.

If they choose not to use this published template, you should advise them that the UK authorities require an original signed and dated undertaking in English on their headed paper (where the end-user is a company or a legal entity) which provides the same information and assurances as specified in the relevant version. This document should also include an 'original' signature (not a 'digital' signature) and should be stamped by a government department or ministry within the recipient country.

What is the role of the UK exporter?

It is the exporter's responsibility to ensure that the all sections of the correct certificate and covering letter are completed legibly, in English and signed by an appropriate responsible official. They should also attach a copy of the undertaking to attach to the licence application and retain the original in their records.