Entrepreneurship Week 2020: In conversation with David Johnston from OutsideIn

David Johnston of OutsideIn talks about his experiences of starting as a young entrepreneur and growing his business

This Global Entrepreneurship Week, Entrepreneurial Ambassador, Eleanor McEvoy talks to rising stars of local business about their start-up journey.

David Johnston of ethical clothing business OutsideIn talks to Eleanor about learning about homelessness and his passion for helping people in that situation. He turned that into a business which gives back to those experiencing homelessness and helps customers to become involved in the process.

He discusses aspects of his start-up journey, including:

  • finding a start-up idea from a personal passion
  • starting the business from home and moving to new premises
  • focusing on the customer in the brand aims
  • finding the right price point for the intended market
  • how online sales have expanded his markets internationally
  • how to adapt to changing business circumstances
  • how personal resilience has helped to keep a focus on the overall strategy

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