Entrepreneurship Week 2020: In conversation with Stephen Henderson from Ruach Music

Stephen Henderson, founder and CEO of Ruach Music, discusses how he became a young entrepreneur

This Global Entrepreneurship Week, Entrepreneurial Ambassador for Northern Ireland Eleanor McEvoy talks to rising stars of local business about their start-up journey.

Stephen Henderson of music instrument manufacturer Ruach Music talks to Eleanor about spinning a business out of a love of music, the challenges of growing a business in a global sector, and how to elevate brand awareness with big name customers.

He discusses aspects of his journey including:

  • finding a business idea through personal interests and skills
  • weighing life-defining decisions whether or not to pursue going into business
  • the benefits and challenges of a small business interacting with big global brands
  • being flexible in the face of both opportunities and setbacks
  • thinking strategically about the margins via direct online sales versus using distributors
  • engaging in overseas markets and understanding different customers' needs
  • working with mainstream artists to gain feedback on new products and enhance brand awareness

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