Noise pollution, odour and other nuisances

EU noise pollution legislation

Excessive noise is a major environmental problem that can have physiological and psychological effects. It can interfere with basic activities such as sleep, rest, study, work and communication. Some 20 per cent of the population of the European Union (EU) suffer from noise levels that health experts say are unacceptable.

There are laws in place to try to reduce noise pollution in the EU. The main aim is to avoid, prevent or reduce the harmful effects of exposure to excessive noise.

Laws on noise pollution differ in the various countries of the EU. If you are thinking of relocating your business to another country in Europe, and your business creates a lot of noise (eg from heavy machinery), you should find out about local noise pollution laws.

Enterprise Europe Network noise advice

You can get advice on an individual EU country's noise laws through the Enterprise Europe Network (EEN). This is a network of business advice partner organisations across the EU, and the Northern Ireland branch is hosted within Invest Northern Ireland.