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Event highlights introduction of Early Conciliation service

9 October 2019

The Labour Relations Agency is hosting an event focusing on the new Early Conciliation service that is coming into effect in January 2020

Early Conciliation is a new workplace dispute resolution service required by Northern Ireland employment legislation under the Employment Act (Northern Ireland) 2016.

Introduction of Early Conciliation
Early Conciliation is coming in January 2020 when it will become a requirement to at least consider the Labour Relations Agency’s (LRA) offer of conciliation before lodging a claim with the Industrial and Fair Employment Tribunals. Where parties do not wish to take up the offer of conciliation or where conciliation does not result in an agreement, the LRA will issue a certificate with a unique reference number. Any prospective claimant will need to provide this reference number to the tribunal if they wish to pursue a claim.

Benefits of conciliation
Conciliation provides a safe space to explore, in total privacy, the possibility of reaching an agreement that both parties can accept, as opposed to a win or lose decision arising from a public court hearing. Most people find conciliation to be a less stressful experience than appearing at a tribunal hearing.

It is also much easier to repair working relationships after conciliation when parties wish to do so, whereas a tribunal often signals the end of the employment relationship. Because parties don’t have to wait for a hearing date, the dispute can often be resolved more quickly, which in turn helps to reduce levels of stress for participants.

Event details
Date: Thu 24 Oct
Time: 11:30am – 1pm
Venue: Malone House, Belfast
Cost: Free

Register for this event by emailing or Tel 028 9033 7416.