Events health and safety

Event safety: important contacts


When planning your event, you should get in touch with relevant organisations. You may need to continue communicating with these organisations for their advice and help with health and safety matters.

Local authorities

You should get in touch with your local council regarding:

  • whether you need to apply to a Safety Advisory Group
  • your health and safety responsibilities, including risk assessments and emergency planning
  • food hygiene, if food is going to be sold or prepared
  • an public entertainment licence, if your event includes music

 Find your local council in Northern Ireland.

Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI)

You should inform your local police team about your event. Include information about the number of visitors you expect and the site layout. The PSNI can advise you about:

  • crowd control
  • public order
  • emergency access
  • traffic management
  • parking

Fire brigade

You should contact your local Fire and Rescue Service for advice on:

  • fire safety
  • contacting the emergency services
  • crowd control and traffic management in an emergency
  • emergency vehicle access
  • fire safety precautions
  • fire-fighting arrangements

First aid

As part of your risk assessment, you may decide that medical provision will be needed at your event. Voluntary first aid providers include St John Ambulance, Order of Malta and British Red Cross.

The Northern Ireland Ambulance Service (NIAS) for the area should be informed of large events.  They will be responsible for establishing a triage (casualty assessment) centre in the event of a major incident and deciding the hospital to which any casualties will be taken.


You could be held accountable for the costs of any injuries damage that occurs during the event. You should insure yourself against this with public liability insurance.

If you are using a contractor, you should ensure they have their own public liability insurance and that they comply with any policy terms and conditions.