Experiencing a trade barrier? Let the Department of International Trade know

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Report trade barriers directly to the UK government through online service

The Department of International Trade (DIT) has launched an online form where businesses can report a trade barrier online and get advice on how to address it.

A trade barrier is something that slows down, limits or prevents a UK business exporting to or investing in an overseas market. They can affect businesses of all sizes and at all stages of exporting, even if you’re just exploring opportunities.

Trade barrier examples

You might be facing a barrier if, for example:

  • regulations in an overseas market prevent you from exporting or investing there
  • you supply services and have to pay unnecessary charges that give an advantage to domestic suppliers
  • your goods are delayed from getting to market by lengthy customs procedures

How do I report a trade barrier?

You can report a trade barrier online in three steps:

  • Tell DIT about your business: What are your business details? How can they contact you?
  • Describe your problem: What’s stopping your export? Is the problem still affecting your business?
  • Tell them more about your problem: Add any other details you think are relevant to your problem.

DIT will aim to email you within five working days to let you know if they can help.