How to use the UK Trade Tariff

Exploring to find a commodity code


The online UK Trade Tariff allows you to find a commodity code by looking through the levels of classification and gives you the widest set of options to find a code.

Tariff classification rules specify a method by which you can determine the correct commodity code for your goods. By browsing the Tariff and using the bookmark facility you can easily switch between Tariff chapters, headings and commodities in order to find the most suitable commodity code. It is common practice to compare Tariff headings manually and use section notes, chapter notes and other guidance material as a way of determining the correct Tariff classification. Read more about classification rules and the Tariff.

If you are unfamiliar with how the Tariff is structured, exploring is the best place to start looking for a commodity code.

Exploring is useful to discover where your goods are in the Tariff. 

Exploring a section

Selecting "view all sections" will take you to the sections page of the Tariff. The 21 sections on this page give the broad categories under which goods are classified. All goods in the Tariff are represented in their broadest definitions from this point onwards. From here you will be able to browse further by opening up links to Tariff chapters.

Clicking on the section number in the left-hand column of the table takes you to the section level of the UK Trade Tariff, showing a table of the chapters related to your chosen section. Details of the chapters are displayed, including chapter numbers, description and Combined Nomenclature section notes.

Exploring a chapter

Clicking on the chapter number in the left-hand column of the table takes you to the chapter level of the UK Trade Tariff. Details of the chapter are displayed, including a list of headings contained in each chapter and Combined Nomenclature chapter notes.

At this point in the journey you will see the first four numbers of the full eight or ten-digit classification code, as well as footnotes which contain more detail on classification rules for the chapter.

Exploring a heading

Clicking on a heading number in the left-hand column will take you to the next level of detail, which lists all commodity codes within a heading.

Clicking on a commodity code will show you the measures which apply to the commodity. These measures can be third country measures applicable to all countries (in other forms of the UK Integrated Tariff these are sometimes called 'erga omnes' - in relation to everyone - measures) and preference measures applying to individual countries.

This page also includes links which let you open up footnotes, conditions and legislation associated with your commodity code.

When comparing two or more headings and moving backwards and forwards between chapter notes and section notes, you may find the bookmark tool useful. Bookmarks allow you to mark a page while browsing so that you can return to it quickly.

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