Licences - Export, Trade Control and Transhipment

The Export Control Joint Unit online services


The Export Control Joint Unit (ECJU) has several tools available to exporters to help classify goods for export and comply with export control regulations.


The SPIRE system is on the ECJU's online export licensing. You can use SPIRE to apply or register for relevant export licences and also the seperate Ministry of Defence administered F680 application. Any communication in relation to issuing your licence will be issued via SPIRE and you will receive any licence approval via your system workbasket.

Use the SPIRE service.

Control List Classification Search Tool

This tool is designed to help you search the SPIRE database for any previous goods 'rating' assessments made by the ECJU Technical Assessment Unit. By entering a short keyword to describe your goods, software or technology, you can get an indication of possible relevant classifications on the UK Strategic Export Control Lists. You can follow up these suggestions by looking directly at the relevant control entries or by using Goods Checker (see below) to determine whether your item is controlled and if you need to apply for a licence.

Goods Checker

The ECJU Goods Checker is a web-based search tool that can help you decide whether your goods, software or technology are controlled by UK or European Community strategic export control legislation.

You can search the database by product, by entering a careful general description of your goods to find the entry (known as the 'rating') in the Control Lists for a selected item.

Open General Export Licence (OGEL) Checker

The ECJU OGEL Checker is a web-based search tool to help exporters find out whether there are any OGELs they may be able to use when exporting their goods, software or technology. Before using OGELs

Access the OGEL and Goods checker tools.

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