Exporting to Asia-Pacific

Export marketing to Asia-Pacific countries

To establish your products or services in the Asia-Pacific region, you will need a clear sales and marketing strategy.

Issues to consider include:

  • Different customer expectations - eg customers in Thailand might view UK products as luxury items and need more after-sales service.
  • How the competition works - eg business in Japan is driven by personal relationships. Competitors will already have built these up.
  • Your image as an exporter from Northern Ireland. For example, if customers can buy similar products from closer countries, you will need to overcome the distances and time zone differences to establish yourself.

Options for selling to Asia-Pacific countries

You'll need to decide how to sell your products or services.

The options include:

  • Using an agent or distributor - this gives quick and cost-effective access. However, you may lose some control over how your product is sold, and you need to consider the agent's commission or margin.
  • Setting up a joint venture with a local business to use their local knowledge and contacts. However, you will have to spend time carefully choosing a partner, and you will have to share any profits.
  • Setting up a local office. This is the most expensive option.

Take expert advice before making your choice. Read more about the basics of exporting.

Marketing in Asia-Pacific countries

Your communications must be tailored to the local area, and you may have to translate product literature. Try to understand any cultural differences that apply in the marketing and positioning of your product or service. For example, your product may be an everyday item in Northern Ireland but viewed as a luxury item in your target market.

Northern Ireland businesses can also establish their presence through trade fairs. Read more about market visits to Asia-Pacific countries.