Exporting to Canada

Export marketing to Canada

The best way to reach customers depends on your particular industry. For example, suppliers of large industrial equipment often sell directly to their customers.

If you make lower-value sales, you may prefer to use a sales agent or distributor. Although you will still need to make periodic market visits yourself, an agent or distributor can provide a permanent local presence.

There is a similar choice for sales of consumer products. You may prefer to sell directly to the largest retailers, if the size of their potential orders justifies it. Alternatively, you could target wholesalers, or work with an agent.

A local presence can be particularly important if your product needs after-sales service. You need to compete with the levels of service provided by your Canadian and US competitors.

You can use similar promotional techniques to those you use at home - for example, advertising, direct mail and the internet. Attending exhibitions and trade fairs is often a key method. Read more about market visits to Canada.

You should tailor your marketing to the specific region you are targeting. For example, different publications reach different markets, and in Quebec you need to use French-Canadian.

Pricing needs to be competitive, but the costs of exporting mean that you are unlikely to succeed by competing on price alone. You should focus on demonstrating value for money. You may need to tailor your product to suit local market requirements.