F gas refrigeration ban from January 2020

News article

From 1 January 2020 some refrigeration units will be affected by a ban on refilling with new F gas

A ban is coming in to force from 1 January 2020 that will prevent refrigerants with a global warming potential (GWP) greater than 2,500 being used to service or refill refrigeration or freezer systems.

F gases are more powerful greenhouse gases than either CO2 or methane.

Refrigeration equipment which contains F gas equivalent to 40 tonnes of CO2 will be affected by the ban.

No virgin F gas with a GWP greater than 2,500 will be allowed onto the market to refill or top up these larger units. You may be able to top up your coolant using recycled or reclaimed F gas, but stocks will reduce over time.

If your equipment already uses F gas below this threshold, you can top up as usual and the ban does not affect you.

If your equipment does fall within the threshold, you don't have to buy new equipment by 1 January 2020, but you should plan to:

  • top up using recycled or reclaimed F gas
  • top up with less harmful F gas if your equipment can use it
  • upgrade your equipment if it can not
  • look at investing in new equipment not affected by the ban

NetRegs has more information on the F gas ban. You can also sign up to the NetRegs e-learning platform eNetLearn to access a tool dedicated to helping your business understand the F gas ban and steps you should take.