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Farm Safety Week: pressures of farming

17 July 2019

Farmers are encouraged to look after their own wellbeing this Farm Safety Week

Farm Safety Week takes place 15-19 July 2019, and is organised by the Farm Safety Foundation and supported by the Health and Safety Executive for Northern Ireland (HSENI). 

This year the focus of Farm Safety Week is ‘the pressures of farming. The farming community are encouraged to stop and think about how they are looking after their physical and mental wellbeing. Agriculture continues to have the poorest safety record of any occupation in the UK.

Add to this the issue of rural isolation and the unique stressors facing the industry and this can lead to mental ill health and depression in those living and working in the farming community.

New support resource
The HSENI recently launched a new booklet - ‘Coping with the Pressures of Farming’. The booklet is aimed at offering the farming community help and assistance in relation to their health and well-being and coping with the everyday pressures of running a farm.

Download Coping with the Pressures of Farming (PDF, 4MB).