Protect your business from flooding

Flood training for employees

Proper flood training enables your employees to respond quickly in the event that your business is flooded. This helps them to protect themselves and act quickly to minimise the potential damage that flooding may cause to your business.

Train flood wardens

Employees need to understand flood warnings and what to do when they get one. This includes understanding the dangers of flooding and how to evacuate the building safely. You might also want to train a few staff to act as flood wardens, who know how to shut down the business and use any flood protection products. See reduce potential flood damage.

Flood plan

Having a business flood plan will help you identify and allocate essential tasks that will help minimise the damage caused by flooding. Having a flood response exercise, like a fire drill, can help you check that your plan is workable and employees are properly trained. Prepare a business flood plan.

Employees working from home or off-site

Flooding could also affect employees working from home or off-site. You should check which of your employees may be at risk of flooding. You could help them draw up a flood plan if they haven't got one in place.