Food safety and animal food incidents


All food and animal feed businesses are responsible for making sure the food or feed they import, produce, process, manufacture or distribute is safe. They must be able to identify any supplier (including transporters) or business customer  of the food or animal feed, and they must be able to provide details of the product to enable its identification, the quantity in which it has been supplied, and the name and the date of the transaction and delivery.  They are also responsible for reporting any food or feed incidents to:

  • their local council
  • port health authority - for imports and exports
  • the Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs (DAERA) - for feed
  • Food Standards Agency (FSA)

Businesses must have management procedures in place to prevent food or animal feed incidents and to deal with them quickly when they happen. Any food or animal feed that does not meet safety requirements must be immediately withdrawn or recalled.

This guide identifies the safety requirements that food must meet, and what counts as a breach of these requirements. It outlines how to report food or animal feed incidents and fraud, and explains the different kinds of food alerts and how to respond. It also describes how to manage and prevent food risks.

Find detailed guidance on food traceability, withdrawals and recalls. The guidance explains what the law requires and what businesses need to do, and is designed to help businesses carry out food safety withdrawals with greater ease and effectiveness.