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Funding for projects exploring COVID-19 impact on creative industries

17 April 2020

A joint funding call from Future Screens NI and NI Screen

Awards of up to £5,000 are available from Northern Ireland Screen and Future Screens NI through the Rewriting the Narrative Open Call, exploring the impact of Covid-19 on the creative industries.

The call is aimed at identifying how we can learn from the current situation, both positives and negatives, and use it to strengthen the creative industry once normality returns.

Up to 20 projects will be funded to carry out research and development into the five core themes:

  • Creativity – How has social distancing and social-isolation changed how we create? What are the new types of content and/or experiences being inspired by how we are being made to live our lives at this moment in time?
  • Community – Community has always been driven by in person interactions but how can that be maintained when the in-person element is taken away. Even before Covid-19 members of our communities were feeling the impact of social isolation due their own personal circumstances. As a society we now understand that better than before. How can we most effectively replace that in-person interaction? How can that be used to help those who may feel social isolated in future?
  • Environment – With society and business evolving we are seeing a positive impact on the environment. Air pollution is reducing around the world, in our towns and cities nature is returning in some form. Where in the creative industries can this positive environmental impact be maintained within our practices?
  • Work/life balance – With more people working from home than ever before what does this mean for the traditional workday. Do video calls allow us to be more efficient and effective with our time? How can this be used to better the creative industries, both from how ideas are developed but how production is practically implemented?
  • Education – The current situation has shown that there is still a place, and need, for the classroom in education but also that education can take place outside of the classroom. How has Covid 19 changed how we approach learning and teaching both for adults and younger generations?

The call is open to individuals/freelancers and companies from Northern Ireland's creative industries. What form the projects take is open to the applicants – it could be a digital platform, a short film or animation, evidence based recommendations for change, or anything that tackles the challenges we face today as a society to improve it for the better.

Applicants will be paired with an academic from Ulster University or Queen’s University Belfast who will provide appropriate research support. This support should not be costed in the application.

Application form is available on the Future Screens NI website. To apply, you should complete the form and email it to by 17:00 on Friday 8 May 2020.

First published 17 April 2020