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Funding for space-enabled predictive maintenance services

15 January 2020

Zero-equity funding of up to €60,000 per activity is available

The European Space Agency (ESA) is offering technical support and up to €60,000 funding to companies developing innovative and commercial space-enabled applications and services for predictive maintenance.

Predictive maintenance techniques determine the condition of in-service equipment to predict when maintenance should be performed, thereby minimising disruption of normal system operations. This leads to reduced down times and therefore substantial cost savings and higher system reliability.

Machine learning and Industrial Internet of Things are the backbone of efficient predictive maintenance. The exploitation of space-based data in combination with those technologies can be of substantial value and open new opportunities to develop applications related to predictive maintenance.

Key areas of interest
This Kick-Start competition focuses on the areas on predictive maintenance:

  • in manufacturing (eg early fault detection and diagnosis, intelligent analysis sensor data analysis and maintenance planning)
  • in railways (eg remote condition monitoring of mobile assets and infrastructure, warnings to prevent asset failure and service disruptions, input fleet management and service planning)
  • in oil and gas (eg remote condition monitoring, digital twins of offshore equipment for diagnostics, impact assessment and training)
  • in automotive and connected cars (eg condition monitoring, maintenance planning, spare part logistics and fleet management)
  • in other sectors, including energy sector, vessel maintenance in maritime sector, aerospace, construction and heavy machinery

Exploitation of space assets, such as satellite navigation, satellite communications and Earth observations, will be instrumental for the proposed Kick-Start activity.

How to apply
You can apply via the following process:

The deadline for applications is 12pm (1300 CET) on Friday 31 January 2020.

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