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Funding for space enabled services to tackle environmental crimes

2 January 2020

Environmental Crimes Kick-Start funding from the European Space Agency

The European Space Agency (ESA) is offering technical support and up to €60,000 funding to companies looking to develop innovative and commercial services that tackle environmental crimes.

Environmental crime is the fourth largest criminal enterprise in the world. It includes illegal acts that directly harm the environment - for example, damage the ecosystems, contaminate food chains, cause pollution or wildlife degradation.

The call is organised around three key topics, each with a different proposal submission deadline:

  • crimes affecting environmental quality - land, water or air pollution (closed for applications)
  • crimes affecting wildlife - poaching and trafficking (open for applications until 10 January 2020)
  • crimes damaging natural resources - illegal mining, fishing and logging (open for applications from 13 January to 28 February 2020)

Under these topics, the ESA is looking for proposals that can utilise the power of space technologies, such as satellite navigation and communication and Earth observation, to help prevent a wide range of environmental crimes.

How to apply
You can apply via the following process:

Find out more about the ESA's Environmental Crimes Kick-Start programme.