GBIP in Sweden: Antimicrobial resistance

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Explore global innovation opportunities in Sweden

Innovate UK is calling for innovative UK businesses to apply to its latest Global Business Innovation Programme (GBIP) in Sweden.

The programme is aimed at businesses with a focus on diagnostics, antimicrobials, preventatives, stewardship and phage therapy at the core of their value proposition.

Why Sweden?

Sweden has adopted a comprehensive strategy to combat antibiotic resistance (AMR), focusing on preserving effective treatment options for bacterial infections in humans and animals. This long-term, sustainable approach is integrated across national, EU, and international levels, aligning with the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and various global action plans.

Sweden's seven 'One Health' objectives - enhanced surveillance, preventive measures, responsible antibiotic use, innovative infection management, societal awareness, supportive structures, and leadership in international cooperation - underscore its leadership and make it an ideal collaborator for the UK in addressing AMR.

Why should you apply?

Participating in this GBIP will allow you to showcase UK-leading innovations in AMR, improve your company's value proposition, and explore business opportunities in Sweden.

You will also have the opportunity to:

  • join preparatory workshops in the UK
  • take part in a six-day tailored innovation visit
  • participate in a follow-up exploitation workshop
  • receive support from an Innovate UK Innovation and Growth Specialist

If you are looking to build collaborations and expand your business in the Swedish market, you can join the applicant briefing on 2 July 2024 to learn more.

The deadline for applications to the programme is 22 July 2024.

Find out more and apply to this GBIP in Sweden.

For additional advice on the programme, local businesses can contact Innovate UK Business Growth Project Manager in Northern Ireland, Alayne Kinver -

First published 13 June 2024