GBIPs in the USA, India, Japan: Future telecoms

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Explore global opportunities in future telecoms

Innovate UK is calling for ambitious UK businesses to apply to its latest Global Business Innovation Programmes (GBIPs) focused on future telecoms in the USA, India, and Japan.

Each programme targets key international markets with significant opportunities for UK businesses.

You can apply to more than one GBIP, but you can only participate in one programme if your application is successful. You must rank your preferences if applying for more than one GBIP.

Future telecoms in the USA

The USA is a crucial partner for the UK in telecommunications, with substantial investments in open RAN and 6G research. The focus areas of this programme are:

  • non-terrestrial networking technologies
  • 6G preparedness
  • telecom cloud and hypervisors
  • industrial use cases of private 5G
  • Open RAN and standardisation

Future telecoms in India

India's large telecommunications network aligns closely with the UK, offering many opportunities around significant R&D collaborations. Focus areas include:

  • Open RAN hardware
  • 6G preparedness
  • 5G technology and use case labs
  • industry and academic collaborations

Future telecoms in Japan

Japan's high R&D investment and strong UK ties in telecommunications make it a prime market for exploring collaborative opportunities. Focus areas are:

  • standardisation
  • advanced wireless and optical communications
  • Open RAN
  • 6G preparedness
  • artificial intelligence and cyber security

To understand more about these three GBIPs and how they can benefit your business, join the online applicant briefing on Wednesday 26 June 2024 at 11am.

The application deadline for all three GBIPs is 5pm, Wednesday 24 July 2024.

Find out how these GBIPs in the USA, India and Japan can help your business grow.

For additional advice on the programme, local businesses can contact Innovate UK Business Growth Project Manager in Northern Ireland, Alayne Kinver -

First published 10 June 2024