Help HMRC stop illegal trading and fraud

General information about the HMRC Fraud Hotline

The HMRC Fraud Hotline aims to answer all phone calls as quickly as possible, but during busy periods - 10.00 to 18.00 on weekdays - you may be put in a queue. If you would rather not wait, you can use another method of contacting the hotline.

What types of questions are asked?

This depends on the information you have. It will concentrate on who is involved, what is happening, when it happens and how it is being conducted.

Will the information be passed on?

HMRC works in close partnership with other agencies, including UK Visas and Immigration, the police and tax and customs organisations worldwide. If the information is relevant, HMRC may pass it on to them, but it will not pass on your name

What about cash rewards?

These are sometimes given for information, depending on what is achieved as a result. They are made at the discretion of HMRC and will not be agreed over the telephone.