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Global business innovation visit to Singapore

23 July 2019

Next Generation Services visit programme to Singapore

Innovate UK’s Global Business Innovation Programme, delivered by the Enterprise Europe Network, is looking for innovative UK SMEs involved in next generation services in Insurance (InsurTech), Legal Services (LawTech), Accountancy and Technology suppliers into these sectors, who want to showcase their innovations at Singapore Fintech Festival & SWITCH.

Companies will have the opportunity to showcase their technologies, learn best practice about doing business in Singapore and connect with potential collaborators through pre-matched 1-to-1 meetings.

Why Singapore?

Singapore is frequently used as a safe gateway to Asia due to its high GDP per capita, healthcare, transport, infrastructure quality and technology adoption, plus an attractive tax system, a familiar legal framework and the ease of doing business in English.

Singapore is ranked 4th in the Global Finance Centres Index (GFCI) ranking of financial centres and has a stated ambition to become the LegalTech and FinTech centre of the world.

This mission is looking to explore potential opportunities for the UK (and Next Generation Services ISCF challenge) to learn from the Singapore model and benefit from cooperation.

How to apply

Companies should register their interest first and then all registrations will be assessed and application forms will be sent out to suitable companies after a registration has been completed.

Register here to express interest.

Online application forms must be completed before your place can be guaranteed.

The closing date for full applications is 18th August 2019.

To participate in this visit your business must be a UK SME.

Please note: this is a competitive process, only 15 companies will be successful in securing a place on the programme.

For further information,  email Jens Böhm: