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Have your say: alcohol licensing laws in Northern Ireland

15 October 2019

Consultation launched on Northern Ireland’s liquor licensing laws 

The Department for Communities (DfC) has launched a consultation on the law relating to the retail sale and supply of alcoholic drinks in Northern Ireland.
DfC is seeking the views of the public and stakeholders on current liquor licensing laws. It is gathering opinions on how the laws impact on individuals and organisations.

This consultation paper has been drafted to invite public opinion on current liquor licensing laws in Northern Ireland. It aims to seek views on whether changes could be made in the future to ensure Northern Ireland has a more flexible and modern licensing framework to respond to changing expectations and lifestyles.

It should be noted that any changes to licensing law must also be balanced with the need for regulation in the public interest. DfC are keen to hear the views of all parties with an interest in licensing law, so that relevant views and evidence can be taken into account in any future policy decisions.  

Take part in consultation. The deadline for responses is 6 December 2019.