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Have your say: Folic acid fortified flour

20 June 2019

Consultation on proposal to make it mandatory to add folic acid to flour 

The UK government are seeking views on a proposal to introduce compulsory fortification of flour with folic acid. The aim of this is to help reduce neural tube defects (NTDs) in foetuses by raising the folate levels of women who could become pregnant.

The policy objectives of this consultation are to:

  • reduce the incidence of NTDs, by increasing dietary intake of folic acid, and blood folate levels, in women who could become pregnant
  • ensure there is no increase in the number of people exceeding the guidance level for folic acid intake
  • minimise the administrative burden and any competitive impact on businesses
  • ensure the proposals are proportionate, effective and ultimately enforceable

Business in Northern Ireland who would be affected by this proposal are encouraged to respond to the consultation before the closing date of 9 September 2019. Access the proposal to add folic acid to flour: consultation document.