Recruiting the right staff in Europe

Help to recruit staff in European Economic Area countries

Recruitment options in Europe are similar to those in the UK. Your choice will depend on the type of staff you need for your business - so you may be using more than one source in your search for suitable staff.

Recruitment through contacts and networks

Personal contacts are an important source of staff in many European Economic Area (EEA) countries. These can be former colleagues, or employees in other businesses you have worked with before. Contacts made outside work, eg through socialising, study courses or even through friends and relatives, can also be useful.

Remember that the same applies to your existing staff. Many employers in the UK offer an introductory bonus scheme to staff where employees are given a bonus in cash or another benefit for each new employee they introduce to the business. The new employee normally has to successfully complete the initial 'probation' period before the bonus can be paid.

You can also make contacts through business networking events. These are widespread in the UK and range from more formal occasions, such as a business inviting guests to a sporting or cultural occasion, to more informal gatherings of local business people, eg chamber of commerce lunches. Northern Ireland business networks.

Recruitment agencies

Using employment agencies to find staff canĀ be very useful, especially if you need several employees. They can advise on local employment laws and make you aware of conventions and pitfalls. They are particularly useful if you need to find an employee quickly, or need temporary staff for quick cover.

Printed and online media

National newspapers offer a similar service to advertisers in all EEA countries - both in print and online. Find a list of European newspapers by country. To find specialist media in the EEA, you can also ask UK-based publications for their European equivalents.

Chambers of Commerce across Europe

Local recruitment agencies use local media, though this will be harder to find on your own. If you don't want to use recruitment agencies, the Chambers of Commerce in the country you want to move into should be able to help. Find a list of Chambers of Commerce for European countries.

Job search websites

There are several general job search websites covering all EEA countries online, as well as those aimed at one profession or business area.

Find information on how to advertise a job vacancy across Europe through the EURES European Job Mobility Portal.