Horizon 2020: circular economy and transforming industry event

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Register for a brokerage event for Horizon for the 2020 circular economy and transforming industry

Horizon 2020 is Europe's biggest research and innovation programme. Find your partners for the last calls in the field of circular economy and transforming industry at this brokerage event.

The brokerage event is co-organised by the EU-funded projects NCPs CaRE and NMP TeAm with support from BIO HORIZON, C-ENERGY, Net4Society and Enterprise Europe Network - Sector Group Environment.

The brokerage event aims to promote research partnerships and build consortiums among the R&D community. Participants are invited to join the pre-arranged meetings and present their interests in certain topics, their expertise on specific matters and their project ideas to possible research partners.

Benefits of attending
Innovative companies, universities, research centres and others interested in Horizon 2020 calls will have the opportunity to:

  • present, discuss and develop new future proposals at an international level
  • expand the collaboration network to include international partners
  • get insights from the European Commission and high-level speakers
  • get support from H2020 national contact points

The brokerage event is your last chance to take part in the Horizon 2020 programmes.

Find out more and register
Find out more about how the event works and register by 30 September 2019. Contact Claire Griffin at Invest NI for more information on Email: Claire.Griffin@investni.com.