UK's import and export processing system CHIEF

How the CHIEF system aids imports and exports

CHIEF is a national computer system, it carries out 3 key functions for HMRC:

  • the collection of £34 billion of revenue each year
  • the accurate collection of international trade and transport statistics
  • the protection of society by controlling the import and export of restricted goods, and detecting the smuggling of prohibited goods

CHIEF services

  • direct trader access to electronic processing of imports and exports - including the calculation of duties, currency and quantity conversions, and the automatic clearance of consignments
  • identification of goods which require documentary or physical examination, making use of a highly sophisticated risk profiling system
  • information for the production of the UK’s external trade statistics
  • a means of electronic communication between customs and business users
  • validation of the accuracy of data input - CHIEF advises the users of any errors
  • recording, monitoring and accounting for duties and taxes incurred by individual importers