Choosing the right structure for doing business in Europe

How to set up a European Economic Interest Grouping

If you set up a European Economic Interest Grouping (EEIG), you will need to register it in the UK if:

  • its central administration is in the UK
  • one of its members has its central administration in the UK
  • a member who is an individual (not a company) has their primary activity in the UK
  • the EEIG also carries on an activity in the UK

The Registrar must publish the formation of the EEIG in the London, Edinburgh or Belfast Gazette (depending on where in the UK your EEIG's official address is located) and the Official Journal of the European Union (EU).

The name of your EEIG must include either 'European Economic Interest Group' or 'EEIG'. It cannot include 'limited', 'unlimited', 'public limited company', 'Societas Europaea' or their abbreviations, or their Welsh equivalents.

If your EEIG also has an establishment in another EU member state, that establishment must be registered there.

What you need for registration

For a new EEIG, you will need to submit these documents to Companies House:

  • form EE FM01
  • the contract of formation
  • if the contract isn't in English, a certified translation

You will need additional registration documents if you are:

  • transferring an existing EEIG from another member state to an official UK address
  • an existing EEIG who is setting up an establishment in the UK but maintaining its official address in another EU member state.