UK's import and export processing system CHIEF

How to Submit Import/Export Declarations

Traders can submit import/export/transit or pre arrival declarations by a variety of methods:

  • CSPs - Customs-approved third party service providers offering trader access to inventory controlled ports around the UK
  • Excise Movement Control System (EMCS) - the EMCS is aimed at all Excise businesses who are currently involved in the movement of goods in/under duty suspense
  • Import Control System (ICS) - ICS is provided for the use of carriers responsible for bringing goods into the EU that require Safety and Security checks
  • New Community Transit System (NCTS) - a basic, free to use service, suitable for low volume NCTS users
  • National Export System (NES) - for traders to submit Export Declarations to the CHIEF system - please note that at the present time, NES XML traders must obtain a digital certificate from an approved supplier
  • hard copy declarations - HMRC do permit the submission of manually completed customs declarations under agreed circumstances - completed hard copy declarations should be submitted to HMRC, National Clearance Hub