Workplace policy on domestic and sexual violence and abuse

Identifying signs of domestic and sexual violence and abuse


If an employee is experiencing domestic and sexual violence and abuse, it is likely this will affect their behaviour at work. Some possible signs of abuse in your employees include: 

  • frequently late or absent without explanation
  • uncharacteristic depression, fatigue, anxiety, distraction or problems with concentration
  • changes in the quality of work performance for no apparent reason
  • receipt of repeated upsetting calls or emails
  • obsession with time or needing regular time off for appointments
  • repeated injuries or unexplained bruising or explanations that do not fit the injuries displayed
  • increased hours being worked for no apparent reason 

This is not an exhaustive checklist. Some victims may display no signs of violence or abuse. Everyone's reaction is different and changes in behaviour could be obvious or difficult to identify. 

Find practical steps to support employees affected by domestic and sexual violence and abuse.