Importing animal furs, skins and fish

Import controls on furs and products from animals caught in leg-hold traps

Council Regulation (EEC) No 3254/91 prohibits the importation of furs and fur products from some wild animal species originating in countries where they are caught by leg-hold traps or trapping methods that do not meet international standards of humane trapping.

The control covers 13 species of fur-bearing animals and applies to their raw fur and products made from it. It does not apply to animals born and bred in captivity. The controlled species are:

EU animal fur prohibitions

Common name Latin name
Badger Taxidea taxus
Beaver Castor canadensis
Bobcat Felis rufus or Lynx rufus
Coyote Canis latrans
Ermine Mustela erminea
Fisher Martes pennanti
Lynx Lynx canadensis
Marten Martes americana
Musk rat Ondatra zibethecus
Raccoon Procyon lotor
Otter Lutra canadensis or Lontra canadensis
Sable Martes zibellina
Wolf Canis lupus

Strict rules are in also place in the European Union to ensure that animals kept for fur production are kept, trapped and slaughtered humanely. Special recommendations cover requirements for mink, ferret, foxes and chinchilla, amongst others.

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