The importance of the Declaration Unique Consignment Reference (DUCR)


The Declaration Unique Consignment Reference (DUCR) and the optional Part suffix is the main reference key to any Customs Handling of Import & Export Freight (CHIEF) declaration. It is also the primary data item for matching import consignments containing plants, flowers, fresh fruit and vegetables on the CHIEF Import declaration and any Procedure for Electronic Application for Certificates (PEACH) Advance Notification.

For example, where the DUCR and Part are created by separate individuals - ie Advanced Notifications by the importer and import declarations by the agent - the communication of the precise format of DUCR, including any Part suffix (optionally completed), will be of paramount importance to ensure an exact match can be achieved.

The importance of achieving a match is that the Automatic Licence Verification System (ALVS) can transmit decisions to CHIEF in near real time resulting in automatic clearance for consignments granted green (release) decisions from the matching PEACH Advance Notification.

    This guide covers the format of the Declaration Unique Consignment Reference, the automatic licence verification system matching process and dealing with refused PEACH decisions.