Open Individual Export Licences (OIELs)

Important conditions relating to an OIEL

Each Open Individual Export Licence (OIEL) includes both standard conditions and may have additional specific provisions. You should read and follow all the conditions carefully, otherwise you may make unlicensed shipments and risk the licence being revoked.

Standard provisions include:

Requirement to hold Consignee Undertakings and keep accurate records

If you hold an OIEL, you must obtain a written Consignee Undertaking that the goods are not intended for re-export to a destination not listed as permitted on the licence. The undertakings need to be received from each consignee before the first export. You should also remember to:

  • retain the original undertaking (which must be signed and dated)
  • obtain an undertaking (in advance) if the contract or project is ongoing

In the case of transfers to Governments, a purchase order or contract can be accepted in place of an undertaking.

You must also keep records of all shipments of your goods for the period of the licence. These records must be made available for inspection by the Department for International Trade officials at an Export Control Joint Unit compliance audit.

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Conditions relating to specific use of goods

You cannot export controlled goods under an OIEL if you are aware, or have been informed by the authorities, that the goods will be used in connection with:

  • chemical, biological or nuclear weapons.
  • other nuclear explosive devices.
  • missiles capable of delivering such weapons.

Under European Union regulations, dual-use items may not be exported using an OIEL if intended for military end-use.

Other Standard Conditions

These include:

  • no items may be exported to a destination within a 'Customs Free Zone'.
  • for intra-European Union transfers a copy of the licence must accompany the items to their destination.
  • Ministry of Defence approval is required for exhibition of UK Military List items.

Temporary OIEL conditions

If you require an OIEL in order to make temporary exports, you need to return any goods to the UK within 12 months of export.

OIELs issued for temporary shipments might be granted for demonstration or exhibition purposes. Goods exported under these conditions must not be disposed of while abroad.

If the goods are part of a permanent exhibition, you will need to apply for a Standard Individual Export Licence (SIEL), if the OIEL does not provide for this.