Importing animal furs, skins and fish


The fur and skin of endangered animals or fish, or goods made from them, such as jewellery, shoes, bags and belts are banned for trade import into the UK unless you have a valid permit. The furs of animals caught in leg-hold traps are also prohibited for import into the UK unless accompanied by either certification that confirms origination in an approved-source country, or a valid import/export permit issued for endangered species which may also be accepted as certification.

Commercial imports of baby harp seal and hooded seal skins are prohibited. There is also a ban on the placing on the market of any type of product made from seals and other pinnipeds - ie sea-lions and walruses. Imports and exports of cat and dog fur - as well as any products made from such fur - are also banned.

This guide provides detailed information about the prohibitions and restrictions concerning the import of animal furs and skins into the UK and the export of salmon and trout. It will also explain what documentation is required if such products are to be allowed to pass through UK customs.