Importing CAP goods



The Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) exists to increase agricultural productivity within the European Union (EU), provide a fair standard of living for the farming community, stabilise markets and guarantee security of supplies. It also assures reasonable prices for consumers by controlling the market in agricultural and related products within the EU.

CAP places specific import controls and duties on food, agricultural and horticultural products and their derivatives. This guide explains how to import products covered by CAP from outside the EU, tells you what levies, refunds, suspensions and quotas are applied and explains how to take advantage of import schemes that can help you reduce the duties payable on your goods.

You must be registered with the Rural Payments Agency, which manages the CAP schemes, if you want to import or export licensable goods or claim refunds.

To find out about schemes for sending CAP goods outside the EU, read exporting CAP goods.

This guide covers applying for a Common Agricultural Policy import licence and import procedures for Common Agricultural Policy goods.