Importing prohibited and restricted chilled meat products to NI from GB


Last updated 2 July 2021

From 1 January until 30 September 2021, special arrangements have been put in place to enable authorised traders to move certain prohibited and restricted (P&R) meat products from Great Britain (GB) to Northern Ireland (NI).

P&R meat products include the following categories:

  • minced meat of poultry, ratites and wild game-birds, frozen or chilled
  • chilled minced meat from animals other than poultry
  • chilled meat preparations
  • unprocessed meat produced from meat initially imported in GB from the EU

Qualifying criteria

To move P&R fresh meat and meat preparations from GB to NI during this grace period, the meat products must meet the following qualifying criteria:

  • They must enter NI through a designated place as defined in point (38) of Article 3 of Regulation (EU) 2017/625 of the European Parliament and Council and are subject to a channelling procedure applicable from the designated place to the destination supermarket in NI.
  • They are sold exclusively to end consumers in supermarkets located in NI, and they are not to be sold to other operators of the food chain.
  • They are accompanied by official certificates issued by the UK competent authorities.
  • They are packed for end consumers, and they bear a label reading "These products from the United Kingdom may not be sold outside Northern Ireland".
  • They must meet EU standards. For example, the meat must be from the UK or an EU-approved third country.

Only businesses on the Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs (DEFRA) authorised traders list are eligible to avail of this scheme.

A two staged approach has been agreed for the movement of P&R meat products.

Stage 1: Up until 21 February 2021

Prior to moving goods into NI, eligible businesses must ensure that:

Find more information on completion of P&R Compliance Declaration and CHED-P for P&R meat products in DAERA's guidance for authorised traders importing prohibited and restricted chilled meat products to NI from GB.

Stage 2: From 22 February to 30 September 2021

If you are moving permitted chilled meats to NI, P&R Export Health Certificates (EHCs) will be required from and including 22 February 2021. These EHCs will replace the existing P&R Compliance Declaration.

As per standard EU EHCs:

  • the P&R EHCs will be issued per product type, rather than per lorry
  • the certificates must be signed by an Official Veterinarian (OV)
  • all goods will require the completion of a CHED on TRACES, to pre-notify the NI point of entry

DEFRA has provided further guidance to help you prepare.

You can also read more about the new documentation requirements in DAERA's guidance for authorised traders importing prohibited and restricted chilled meat products to NI from GB.

You can start applying for a P&R EHCs now, but do not use them for consignments of fresh
meat, minced meat and meat preparations arriving in NI before 22 February 2021.

You will be eligible for financial support toward the cost of P&R EHC certification. Your OV is
able to invoice the government for costs up to £150 (+ VAT) per EHC, as part of the
Movement Assistance Scheme.

Please note this guidance may be subject to change.

First published 16 February 2021