Innovate UK funding competitions

Innovate UK sector-focused funding programmes


In 2016-17, Innovate UK are operating a simpler system of funding programmes. Some of the competitions will focus on specific industry sectors, while others will be open to all industries.

Find out the details in Innovate UK: Delivery Plan 2016 to 2017.

Under their sector programme, there will be a sequence of two broad competitions in each sector per year. Opportunities exist for the four following sector groups:-

Emerging and enabling technologies

Innovate UK's priorities within this sector are:

  • emerging technologies including biofilms, energy efficient computing, energy harvesting, graphene and new imaging technologies
  • accelerated support for non-animal technologies, quantum technologies and synthetic biology
  • enabling technologies including cyber security, data, earth observation, electronics, sensors and photonics, Internet of Things, robotics and autonomous systems

Find out about innovation funding in the emerging and enabling technologies sector.

Health and life sciences

Priorities within health and life sciences sector are:

  • precision medicine
  • advanced therapies including cell, gene and others
  • preclinical technologies
  • improving agriculture productivity
  • developing centres for agricultural innovation
  • enhanced food quality
  • biosciences

Find out more about innovation funding in the health and life sciences sector.

Infrastructure systems

Priorities in infrastructure systems sector group are:

  • energy - systems and supply
  • transport systems
  • urban living
  • smart and resilient infrastructure

Find out more about innovation funding in the infrastructure systems sector.

Manufacturing and materials

Innovate UK's plans and priorities for manufacturing and materials are:

  • digital technologies for manufacturing and materials
  • manufacturing readiness at scale
  • early stage manufacturing and materials concepts

Read about innovation funding in the manufacturing and materials sector.

Open competitions and broader innovation support

In addition to the sector programme opportunities, Innovate UK will:

Innovate UK will also continue to support businesses to take part in European research, development and innovation programmes. Read more about the EU funding for innovation.

For more information, download guidance for Innovate UK competition applicants (PDF, 3.14MB).