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Intellectual property and data protection in the UK

It's important to legally protect your intellectual property. There are several ways to do this.

Patent protection

If you have a new invention to protect, you could take out a patent. This prevents other people from exploiting your invention in different ways. It could also give you an important revenue opportunity by licensing others to use your inventions. Read more about how to get patent protection for your business.

Copyright protection

Copyright protection will apply automatically if you or your business produce original work in the literary, dramatic, musical or artistic fields. It gives you the option to demand a royalty or a licence fee if you allow others to use your work. Read more about copyright for your business.

Trademark protection

Another key area of intellectual property is trade marks. These include signs, symbols and logos that set your business apart from your competitors. A trade mark is key to the marketing and branding of your business. Read more about how to use trade marks in your business.

Data protection

You should be aware that data protection regulations will apply to you if you hold information - either on computer or on paper - about individuals, such as customers or suppliers. Under the Data Protection Act 2018, there are certain obligations you will have to comply with. Read more about privacy and data protection in direct marketing.