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Intrastat Supplementary Declaration offline CSV file option


The offline option for submitting your Intrastat data is a Comma Separated Variable (CSV) file. Each file can hold up to 20,000 lines of data.

On trader CSV files:

  • the first line is header details
  • the second and subsequent lines are for data

On agent CSV files:

  • the first line is agent header details
  • the second line is trader header details
  • the third and subsequent lines are for data

Below is an example of a trader CSV file when opened in Notepad:


There are two ways of preparing a CSV file:

Submitting the file

You can upload prepared CSV files through the application. The data is checked throughout the processes, and errors are highlighted. You must correct errors before the file is uploaded again. You can only transmit error-free files.

For larger files, you can log off the system while staying connected to the internet to allow the processing to continue. When logging back in, you will see either the submission error screen or the submission confirm screen.