An introduction to Open General Licences (OGLs)



Open General Licences (OGLs) are export licences that are available in the public domain and must be used by exporters. OGLs include Open General Export Licences (OGELs), Open General Trade Control Licences (OGTCLs) and Open General Transhipment Licences (OGTLs).

Use of these licences removes the need for you to apply for an individual export control licence (such as a Standard Individual Export Licence or SIEL). However, you must register to use OGLs.

OGLs allow for the export of specified controlled items by any exporter provided the shipment and destinations are eligible.

You must also comply with all the specified conditions and keep appropriate records. As an exporter, it is your responsibility to check and comply with the licence requirements before use and to keep updated with any changes via the Export Control Organisation's Notices to Exporters update service.

This guide explains the types of Open General Licences and registering for Open General Licences.

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