Health and safety in businesses that provide care services

Key health and safety requirements

You are responsible for the health and safety of everyone affected by your business and its activities.

To comply with health and safety regulations there's a range of key obligations you must fulfil:

  • Report any accidents, injuries and near misses. This will help you identify potential problem areas. 
  • Carry out regular risk assessments, making sure you consider the increased risk that hazards may pose to vulnerable clients. Identify and implement appropriate control measures. These may need to be included in the risk assessment for individual clients.
  • Ensure safe storage, handling and disposal of all hazardous substances, eg cleaning products, medicines and clinical waste.

Drawing up a health and safety policy is an important step to take. It should take account of the special circumstances faced by care-service businesses and the specific needs of vulnerable individuals.

For instance, you may require a detailed fire evacuation plan to protect young children or elderly people with limited mobility. See our guide on how to write a health and safety policy for your business.

For information about your key health and safety obligations, see our guide on what you need to do about health and safety.

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