Work with UK universities and colleges

Knowledge Transfer Networks


Knowledge Transfer Networks (KTNs) are national networks set up for specific areas of technology or business. They bring people together from various organisations, businesses and universities to promote innovation in research and development (R&D) and knowledge sharing. They also offer invaluable opportunities to make contacts and exchange information with organisations in completely different sectors where ideas can be reapplied. There are 15 KTNs covering a wide range of technology areas - find a list of KTNs on the Innovate UK website

KTNs are hosted on a powerful collaboration platform known as '_connect'. Networking, the exchange of ideas and research collaboration all take place within _connect.

Through _connect, KTNs offer business advantages that include:

  • advice and information on funding opportunities through Innovate UK, the Knowledge Transfer Partnerships, Framework Programme 7, EUREKA or venture capital
  • networking opportunities with other businesses and academics through events, meetings and special interest groups
  • free access to online reports, newsletters, events diaries, and tools such as webinars, e-training, e-conferencing and collaboration tools
  • the opportunity to influence regulations and policies in the UK and the European Union

Find out about joining _connect on the Innovate UK website.