Work with UK universities and colleges

Knowledge Transfer Partnerships


The Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTP) scheme operates throughout the UK. It is a three-way partnership between:

  • a business
  • an academic institution, eg a university or a college
  • a qualified graduate

KTPs usually last between six months and three years.

Advantages of KTPs

KTPs aim to:

  • help businesses gain knowledge and expertise from universities, colleges or research/technology organisations
  • help businesses use knowledge, technology or skills to become more competitive through innovative projects
  • make research organisations' work more relevant to businesses
  • enhance the career prospects of graduates taking part in the scheme

The KTP process allows you to:

  • identify an area where you need to make a strategic change to your business activities
  • find a higher education institution, further education college or research organisation with the right expertise
  • agree a project of between one and three years, during which time a recently qualified person is recruited to work in your business on the project

Who can take part in a KTP

Businesses of all sizes in most industries and commercial sectors can take part, although some limitations may apply. Find out more about the KTPs in Northern Ireland.

You can also read GOV.UK's guidance on KTPs - what they are and how to apply.