Support networks and facilities for innovation and R&D

Knowledge transfer support


Invest Northern Ireland (Invest NI) offer several services to help business benefit from the knowledge and expertise of other businesses and academic institutions.

Collaborative working support

Invest NI can link your business with other businesses, colleges, universities or organisations to help you work collaboratively and explore ways to access new markets or research opportunities. Read about their support for collaborative working.

Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTPs)

A KTP project involves a three-way partnership between a business, an academic institution such as university or college, and a qualified graduate. By providing access to expert knowledge, technology and skills, KTPs can help improve your business' competitiveness, productivity and performance. Find out more about knowledge transfer partnerships, or see an overview of Innovate UK KTP scheme.

Innovation Vouchers

These vouchers enable small businesses in Northern Ireland to access support and expertise from an academic institution in order to: develop ideas for new or improved products, processes and services test or validate new products and services access information and expertise on new materials access research and scientific expertise Find out more about Invest NI Innovation Vouchers.

In the video below, Ian Hawthorne - owner of Hawthorne Crafts - explains how his business benefited from an Innovation Voucher.