Make child maintenance deductions from an employee's pay

Make DEO payments


You can be prosecuted if you don't pay the amount on a deduction from earnings order (DEO).

You can manage any of your DEO payments with the online service. You should send a single bulk Banks Automated Clearing System (BACS) payment for all the employees you make a deduction from.

You'll get a monthly schedule.

You can also pay by other methods:

  • internet banking
  • telephone banking
  • cheque

When to pay

You should send a payment to the Child Maintenance Service so it gets there no later than the 19th day of the month following the month that you took it.


If you take the money on 30 September, you must send it by 19 October.

If you take the money on 1 October, you must send it by 19 November.

You and your employee will be sent a letter every year to remind you how much must be paid and when.

Deductions for administrative costs

You can take up to £1 towards administrative costs for each deduction, on top of the amount asked for on the DEO. You can take it even if it reduces your employee's income below the protected earnings proportion.

Inform your employee

You must inform your employee in writing about each deduction when they are given their pay statement. Include the amount (if any) you deduct towards your expenses.

If pay statements are not usually given, you should inform your employee in writing. You should do this no later than the employee's pay day after the deduction was made.

If you pay the wrong amount

Contact the Child Maintenance Service if you find a mistake in the amount you've paid.

If you have any questions you can contact the Child Maintenance Service:

Online using My Child Maintenance Case.

The service also lets you:

  • see all deductions for the Child Maintenance Service
  • report and make changes
  • send messages
  • see important information you've been sent


You can also call if you have any questions.

Child Maintenance Service Employer Payment Team
Telephone: 0800 232 1961
Text relay number: 18001 0800 171 2345
nidirect guidance on contacting 08 and 03 telephone numbers

  • CMS employer helpline
    0800 232 1961
  • CMS text relay number
    18001 0800 171 2345
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